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AGiLE-EaGLE1994's Profile Picture
X ゥ- xゥ,
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Non-Trans/Cisgender Male | Introvert |Agnostic OEC Christian | Heterosexual
Hello! Thanks for visiting my page c:
If you don't know me well, I am an artist with Asperger Syndrome, which has been lumped with other forms of autism in the DSM-5 as Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Basically, it makes social situations and norms difficult, but not impossible for me.
I often don't know when people are annoyed with me due to this, unless they explicitly tell me. It also makes it harder for me to empathize with other people. But I'm getting better with it, and I'm much better with it now than I was even just a few years ago. I'm also fairly scatterbrained and immature. I'm an introvert and most of my friends are people I know online, because I've given up trying to make new friends in my offline life, as people just perceive me as "Weird" or worse, and I tend to embarrass and/or make a fool of myself because I don't know how to react. I am much more social here on the Internet.
I'm a Christian, but I don't force my beliefs upon others.
I also support LGBT+ rights as well.

I have a strong interest in Information Technology and am currently attending Murray State University.
This gallery is a bit unprofessional, this is my casual side here! :XD:
Some role models of mine, in no particular order:
1. Bouncy-Bunny (An all around fun guy :XD: )
2. MrEnter (I not only like his videos, but I like him as a person too, because he doesn't have any fear of admitting when he's wrong and he doesn't let having a mental disorder make life as hard for him as you'd think it would, and I admire the way he handles having Asperger Syndrome, as he handles it in a way I could never do. He owns his actions and is very mature and professional with his condition.)
3. Agetian (He is very kind, intelligent and compassionate, and he's a good friend too. )
4. ThatCanuckToonNerd (You and me go way back, don't we? :XD: )
5. SkallagrimNilsson (A logical guy who's also a sword and HEMA enthusiast, he always comes up with good arguments and his videos are very entertaining, and not only that, but he is good as a person too. c: )
My Closest 5 friends here on dA
Super Mario 64 Yellow Coin by master-mind777 1 :iconomgitsemeraldstar: 2 :iconthatcanucktoonnerd: 3 :iconbrownielolz: 4 :iconfidgitdigitwarrior: 5 :iconvianca2000: Super Mario 64 Yellow Coin by master-mind777

Operating System: Windows 7 Professional x64 Windows 10 Home x64
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi
Dona eis requiem
Qui tollis peccata mundi
My sense of "Common" sense is a Supermassive Black Hole by DarkShad00w
:iconmarvelhunter::icontakineko::iconhannahwarner34::iconcartoonxcatxlover::iconkantkri::iconminkerdoodle: :iconlemonade-raid::iconnikki-smurfling:
If you belong on this list, let me know! :aww:

Wakko fans! :iconbummy1::iconwakkowarnerlover:
Yakko fans! :iconbummy2:
OTPs! :iconbummy2:
Envys-Wife x Yakko
ThatCanuckToonNerd x Dot
VIANCA2000 x Wakko
Alphys x Undyne
Sandy x Spongebob
Sonic x Amy
Tails x Cream
Buster x Babs
OOT!Link x OOT!Zelda
Ratchet X Angela


A black man tried to get into a cafe.
The white man said: "Colored people are not allowed here."
The black man turned around and stood up. He then said:
"Listen sir....when I was born I was BLACK.
When I grew up I was BLACK.
When I'm sick I'm BLACK.
When I go in the sun I'm BLACK.
When I'm cold I'm BLACK.
When I die I'll be BLACK."
He took a pause.
"But you sir." He continued.
When you are born you're PINK.
When you grow up you're WHITE.
When you're sick, you're GREEN.
When you go in the sun you turn RED.
When you're cold you turn BLUE.
And when you die you turn PURPLE.
And you have the nerve to call me colored?"
The black man then sat back down and the white man walked away...

Put this on your page if you hate RACISM, just like I do.
Favorite MALE OCs
1. Eddie EddieWarner
2. Winston (Me)
2.5 Daniel DanielWarner
3. Zai BrownieLolz
4. Agetian Agetian
Favorite FEMALE OCs
1. Wammi and Yammi MoonlightStar400
2.Kenzie wakkopaige12
2.5. Lizzy Lil-Ilussions
3. Wakki kantkri
3.5. Mint FidgetDigitWarrior
4. Daela Envys-Wife

Discord: AGiLE-EaGLE1994#8299
Steam: WakkoAWarner
Should I make a Ziggo RP account?
  • Listening to: Red Alert 2 OST
  • Reading: THIS
  • Drinking: Tea

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Nikki-Smurfling Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist
I'm afraid that if I soap Winston's mouth he'll come at me with a flamethrower. :|
AGiLE-EaGLE1994 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
He won't hurt you because he knows you're buddies with me. :XD:
Nikki-Smurfling Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist
Well he deserves a good soaping. Never heard someone his age with such foul language.

I'm older than him and know better.
ErraticBASARAfan Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I know you won't believe me when i show you this, and also that you told me never to talk to you again, but   this article curiously affirms my previous warning that certain emotional states do indeed impair empathy. Also, i found a new friend in the wake of your excommunicating me.
AGiLE-EaGLE1994 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Empathy is an emotion, therefore without emotions you cannot feel empathy.
Different people feel different emotions, and yes, there are some people who can feel other emotions, but not empathy, but it's their mentality and their morality that prevents them from feeling it, not the fact that they can feel emotions.
And I haven't excommunicated you for good; 
I'm more than willing to accept you if you change your ways.
Remember the "One shall not cause needless injury to another living being" thing?
Well, you cause needless injury to other living beings all the time, injuring the psyches of other people by trolling and spewing hate speech towards women.
If you stop following this blatant double standard and start following your laws of bioethics instead, you will become a better person.
I don't hate you, I'm just disappointed in you.
I know you can be better than this.
I know that deep down in there is someone who doesn't want to admit that he cares.
You just ignore that call instead of letting it out, which is not what you should do.
Yes, logic is important, but emotion is also important.
It's best to have a balance of both and not completely one or the other.
Logic keeps emotion in check, and emotion keeps logic in check.
Too much of one or the other could result in an evil person forming.
It seems that pretty much everyone can feel anger and hatred, even sociopaths.
But one has to be able to feel positive emotions in order to be a kind and upstanding person without a fuckton more effort. And the worst part is that if you can't feel it and you put in the effort to be a good person, it could easily come falling down back to Earth and you would never be able to comprehend why.
ErraticBASARAfan Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Yet here is an article describing empathy as a practice, and not an emotion, as it involves imagining how another person feels within or copes with a situation, often, i confeß, by having felt the same before.
The problem is that a great many Western women, and also dare i mention the Jesus Christ character, don't adhere to any bioethics standards at all, all of them being narcissistic, with the women in question being spoiled beyond belief, and Jesus being traumatised and stigmatised as an illegitimate child. And so i have to commend you and the other Christians here, who've tolerated my denunciation of Jesus Christ, as his own behaviour and attitude are precisely WHY i denounce him in the first place.
I have actually considered, in lieu of all those amoral narcissists, forsaking my own bioethics system, actually derived from Asimov's three laws of robotics, to instead purge the world of the aforementioned sociopaths, as a death knight, with no limit to the violence i would inflict to those ends.
Luckily, i understand that women are not my enemies; my real enemies are police, ideologues and ideocrats like those running the Autism Society, and other powerful sociopaths. Perhaps that fact alone that i write this does indeed prove i do care.
I bet you're hinting that emotion is what drives us to assist fellow humans in need.
I get you there; too much logic results in the Ordos, and too much emotion, the Harkonnens.
Fuck; here i am, addicted to brutality and homicide, and barely able to feel any positive emotion as a result of my own mother and the sociopathic Autism Society tormenting me from day one!…but i believe you already knew that. So with few options left, i realise i must proverbially think outside the box. Indeed, moving out of my mother's house was a good start, as was advising people not to feel sorry for me, but happy instead. Ritalin—and the Bible—had been severely poisoning my mind; though you no doubt remember that, it still irks me how those higher up on the social ladder either failed to see that coming, or outright denied such an outcome was possible. Today's folks though, should know better.
AGiLE-EaGLE1994 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Autism is a very real condition, but that doesn't mean professionals can't misdiagnose people. They're human just like everyone else, and humans make mistakes.  Humans can also hate other humans for little to no reason, or for stupid reasons, which is likely the reason why your mother abused you. She hated you for either no reason, or for a bad reason. And there's a difference between sociopathic and evil. Although most of the time sociopathy is considered an evil thing and is indeed a bad trait, some sociopaths treat other people well not because they feel sorry for them, or don't want to hurt them, but because they don't want themselves to be put in danger.  Evil people can have emotions. Not all emotions are bad, and nor are all of them good. There are both good and bad ones, and evil emotional people only feel negative emotions for the most part, whereas kind people feel mostly positive ones.  But sometimes negative emotions can make you a better person, for example, feeling guilt over doing something heinous.  I also think there are flip flop emotions which can be both good or bad, depending on why and when you feel them, and how you express them. Guilt is a good example of this type of emotion. Guilt is what I'd call the guardian of morality in a way. 
(1 Reply)
Nikki-Smurfling Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017  Student General Artist
you guys' voices are really weird coming through a mic, but listening to y'all was absolutely fun! Could I download discord on my tablet, you think?
AGiLE-EaGLE1994 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You could if you could have a version that's compatible. c:
Nikki-Smurfling Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017  Student General Artist
Hello floof X3
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